Lab 7 – Making a Better Map

The improved American surfers map.

PDF version link for lab7map

Hello! Time for the final map in the Michigan State University OnGEO Cartography 618 class.

The assignment was to take an existing map prepared by a local real estate company in Nosara, Costa Rica and `improve` it to create a map for American surfing tourist.

The original map was a poorly laid out map that was not to scale. There were far too many labels to see, making the map very hard to read. The symbols seemed to have been randomly picked and did not have any connections to the names.

To improve the map, I used Adobe Illustrator. I first traced the land, roads, and bodies of water from a copy of the original Nosara map using the brush tool. I then colored the map with appropriate colors. For the labels, the assignment was to choose ten different point symbols and place them on the map with their label name. The symbols were to be pertinent to what an American surfer would be interested. I choose some several hotels that were on the beach. I also selected two restaurants that had ocean views. A surf-shop, the airport, and the health clinic completed the ten symbols. I used symbols that related to labels. A symbol for the hotel was a hotel building. A knife and fork was used for the restaurant. A surfer was used for the surf shop. The hospital H symbol for the hospital and an airplane for the airplane symbol. I carefully choose my typefaces, colors, sizes to achieve a pleasing visual hierarchy to fonts, shades


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